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“Snacks with researchers”, 3rd edition

On the 1st of March 2024, ARCA (Giuseppe Cappellano) and UPO (Beatrice Vilardo) participated in the 3rd edition of “Snacks with researchers” organized by the Department of Health Sciences, in UPO. Over three hundred high school students, master students, and teachers attended the eleven short seminars conducted by professors and researchers from UPO.  At the end of each seminar, the participants tasted the eleven different themed snacks prepared by the “Giuseppe Ravizza” Institute, a high school located in Novara.  Giuseppe Cappellano and Beatrice Vilardo gave a talk entitled “The health in miniature. The future of medicine lies in organs-on-chip”, disseminating the FLAMIN-GO project. Students actively participated with questions to the discussion and they enjoyed this event.