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Science for all, present it so everyone will listen

November 16th at 3 p.m. (CET)


Arijana Filipić, PhD, Arijana’s Academy for Presenting, and Scientific associate at National Institute of Biology; Slovenia

The ability to present scientific data in an interesting, simple, and understandable way is very important because it makes science more accessible and appealing to everyone, which in turn leads to greater trust in science and its advancement. In addition, this can also lead to new connections, collaborations, and funding. Therefore, presenting scientific results at events for a broader audience, such as TEDx or Scientific Slam, is a great opportunity to communicate the importance of science. In this workshop, we will cover two important aspects of presenting scientific data to a broader audience: how to prepare a compelling story and how to successfully deliver it. The workshop will be interactive and will include many practical tips, making it suitable for everyone.

Dr. Arijana Filipić is a Scientific Associate at the National Institute of Biology, Slovenia, and a founder of Arijana’s Academy for Presenting, the purpose of which is to help everyone present more effectively and fearlessly. She has years of experience presenting at various events and to diverse audiences, from investors to scientists and the broader audience. She has successfully pitched to investors, given a TEDx talk, participated in the Scientific Slam, and presented in the main square of Ljubljana as part of the Researchers’ Night. She was awarded twice for the outstanding doctoral dissertation and received 8 awards for her presentation skills. She also held workshops and coached individuals on how to improve their presentation skills.