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Popular Science Writing

November 13th at 3 p.m. (CET)


Prof. Saša Novak, PhD, Science on the Street, Institute for the promotion of science, Slovenia

Three key communication tools will be explored: the popular science article, blog, and lay abstract. In the popular science article, scientists share complex ideas using everyday language, blending storytelling with accuracy. In blogs we offer a personal touch, sharing insights and perspectives, making science relatable. Lay abstracts distill scientific papers into simple, understandable summaries, ensuring accessibility for all. Each of these tools emphasizes clarity, storytelling, and empowering diverse audiences to engage with and understand scientific concepts, bridging the gap between specialized knowledge and the public. These communication approaches offer inclusive and engaging scientific dialogue in our everyday lives and strengthen the connection between science and society.

Dr. Saša Novak is a Scientific advisor at the “Jožef Stefan” Institute, a full professor, and a science communication advisor at the Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School. After over 45 years of employment, she is partially retired. Her main research areas focus on materials for use in biomedicine and for future fusion power plants. She is the author of 140 scientific publications and a co-author of eight patents. She has received two national (Zois) recognitions for her scientific achievements. In the last decade, she has largely devoted herself to science communication. She coordinates the subject of Science Communication at the International Postgraduate School and has authored over 40 popular science contributions. Dr. Novak is the initiator and coordinator of the “Science on the Street” project and a co-founder of the institute of the same name, which, through its diverse activities, brings science closer to the general public. Recently, the Slovenian Science Foundation awarded her the title of Science Communicator of the Year 2022.