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Photo Contest: The beauty of biomedicine

A micro-universe

A micro-universe: ordered chaos The picture depicts the similarity of patterns in nature. In it we can see diversity of filaments that compose the skeleton of a cancer cell, supporting tumor development. Like a black hole in the cosmos, a cancer cell follows its own set of rules, that we are only now starting to comprehend.

Heart Shaped Bone: A fluorescence image of an osteoclast, a bone resorbing cell, shaped like a heart, turned into a colorful mosaic

Heart Shaped Bone
A smile for Science

A smile for Science: The image shows therapeutic polymeric nanoparticles carrying a nucleic acid labelled with a red fluorescent molecule. The nanoparticles were administered to mice, by a nose-to-brain delivery. The nasal cavity was stained for the nucleus with blue and for neurites with green. Is Science happy?

The call

Are you fascinated by biomedicine, cell biology and bioingeneering? We invite you to send us photographs, which show a detail or a glimpse of the day in a biotechnological laboratory, illustrate bioengineering science or are in some other ways related to health sciences.

Pictures can be aesthetic, informative or fun. They should be equipped with a short title (up to 60 characters) and a short and generally understandable description (up to 300 characters).

Each author can send up to three pictures, which should be in landscape orientation and at least 150 dpi (and in uncompressed format). Please send pictures together with the data about the author (name and surname, institution, email address) by  27th of May at 12:00 CEST to e-mail, subject: Flamingo.

Pictures will be rated by an expert commission. The main criteria in rating will be informational value and aesthetic effect of the picture, while its attached description will contribute as well. The results will be published on the websites and in mid June.

The best pictures (sent in the requested format) will be, in agreement with the authors, displayed at the Flamin-GO and ZnC web pages and their social media accounts.

For more information write to

1st:  250 eur
2nd: 150 eur
3rd: 150 eur

Evaluation committee: members of FLAMIN-GO consortium