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Flamin-go at the European Researcher’s Night 2021 in Portugal

The European Researchers’ Night (NEI 2021) took place on September the 24th and for the first time, i3S debuted as host of this initiative and promoted a set of activities in the Institute’s common spaces. 

The project Flamin-go was represented by Ricardo Ribeiro within the topic “Biofabrication and precision medicine”. Ricardo’s presentation included a video from the project and a live demonstration of the 3D printing.

During this activity, visitors were able to hear about the aims and novelties from the Flamin-go project and discuss the benefits of personalised medicine as a future treatment for certain diseases. The visitors were captivated by the 3D printer and had the chance to observe how it works. The audience developed an understanding of how additive manufacturing techniques can be used by different industries and fields.

Over 200 visitors came to the i3S and were able to learn about Biofabrication and precision medicine. “This initiative is very important not only to showcase to the general public what happens behind the lab doors but also to inspire young people to pursue STEM-related careers”, Ricardo states.  

NEI is funded by the European Commission under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions and represents one of the main cultural events at national and European level, attracting millions of visitors each edition throughout Europe. Its purpose is to make known the lives of scientists and the research they carry out, stimulating curiosity and interest in society and promoting a scientific career among younger people.